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A Fun Evening of Networking and Wellness at Hydrate Now with FAB OC and NAWBO OC

On a Fabulous Thursday evening in July, the vibrant atmosphere of Hydrate Now was abuzz with excitement as members of the networking groups FAB OC and NAWBO OC gathered for an inspirational event.

Photography Devin Marie Sims

Attendees were treated to an evening of informative discussions, delightful treats, and the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. With myself as the special guest speaker for the evening, as an author and med spa expert, the event focused on the benefits of IV therapy and the exceptional services provided by Hydrate Now.

Let's dive into the details of this fantastic evening!

The event kicked off with a presentation and Q&A about my expertise, with Taylor and Sabina the founders of FAB OC providing more information about the networking group. Attendees had the privilege of learning about the fascinating world of IV therapy, its numerous health benefits, and how it can enhance overall well-being. Furthermore, information about the services offered at Hydrate Now, emphasizing the transformative effects of our treatments and what it means to be a business owner.

Networking and Building Connections:

As the evening progressed, attendees had the opportunities to network and forge valuable connections with professionals from various industries. The event brought together a diverse group of individuals, fostering an environment of collaboration and synergy. Conversations flowed effortlessly as attendees exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and discovered potential synergies for future collaborations. It was an evening that truly highlighted the power of networking and the immense value it brings to personal and professional growth. President of NAWBO OC Dawnette Palmore also engaged us all in learning about NAWBO in Orange County and how we can play our part in Women's advocacy.

No event is complete without delicious refreshments, and this occasion was no exception. Together with Hydrate Now, we ensured that attendees were well taken care of by providing charcuterie cups by Cheese Block, offering an assortment of delectable bites that perfectly complemented the evening's ambiance. Additionally, a captivating candy table adorned with blue hues added a touch of whimsy and indulgence, allowing guests to satisfy their sweet cravings while engaging in lively conversations. Plus a champagne bar where I made sure everyone’s glass was always full.

Amy Stewart's Book Giveaway:

To further inspire attendees on their journey towards personal and professional success, free copies of my book, "Setting Goals to Make Your Dreams Come True," were generously provided. This empowering resource serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking guidance and motivation to achieve their goals. Get your copy HERE!

Photography Devin Marie Sims
Amy Stewart with Nurse Christine

The evening at Hydrate Now with FAB OC and NAWBO OC proved to be an extraordinary event filled with friendship, networking, and enjoyment. The opportunity to connect with professionals from various backgrounds fostered an environment of collaboration and growth.

Thank you to Devin Marie Sims and Leah Rahman, Hydrate Now staff, FAB OC and NAWBO OC for successfully creating a memorable evening and to everyone who attended.



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